Highlighted Publication

Reddy VY, Neuzil P, Koruth JS, Petru J, Funosako M, Cochet H, Sediva L, Chovanec M, Dukkipati SR, Jais P,

Pulsed Field Ablation for Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Atrial Fibrillation, Journal of the American College of Cardiology (2019).
Available at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jacc.2019.04.021.

Clinical Publications

Vivek Y. Reddy, MD, Jacob Koruth, MD, Pierre Jais, MD, Jan Petru, MD, Ferdinand Timko, MD, Ivo Skalsky, MD, Robert Hebeler, MD, Louis Labrousse, MD, Laurent Barandon, MD, Stepan Kralovec, Moritoshi Funosako, MD, Boochi Babu Mannuva, MD, Lucie Sediva, MD, Petr Neuzil, MD, PH.D.

Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation With Pulsed Electric Fields: An Ultra-Rapid, Tissue-Selective Modality for Cardiac Ablation. JACC: Clinical Electrophysiology May 2018, 674; DOI:10.1016/j.jacep.2018.04.005

Neuzil P, Petru J, Funosaki M, Chovanec M, Kralovec S, Kuroki K, Paré M, Schneider C, Eggert C, Koruth J, Reddy V,

Pulsed Field Ablation for Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Humans: Endoscopic Observations of the Esophagus AFS-2019-27, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiolog. 2019;1-28 (abstr)

Neuzil P, Petru J, Funosaki M, Chovanec M, Kralovec S, Kuroki K, Achyutha A, Schneider C, Eggert C, Koruth J, Reddy V,

Effect of Pulsed Field Ablation on the Phrenic Nerve During Pulmonary Vein Isolation: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Evaluation AFS-2019-32, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiolog. 2019;1-28 (abstr)

Kuroki K, Neuzil P, Petru J, Funosaki M, Chovanec M, Kralovec S, Achyutha A, Schneider C, Eggert C, Koruth J, Reddy V,

Does Pulsed Field Ablation to Treat Atrial Fibrillation in Humans Cause Pulmonary Vein Stenosis?, AFS-2019-30, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiolog. 2019;1-28 (abstr)

McElderry H, Hebler R, Ebner A, Gallo S, Viswanathan R, Long G, Schneider C, Mickelsen S,

First human experience using pulsed electric fields for AF ablation and isolation of the pulmonary veins and posterior left atrium, AFS-2018-6, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2018;29:657–678. (abstr)

Preclinical Publications

Jais P, Takigawa M, Sacher F, Brose R, Buck E, Viswanathan R, Cochet H,

Comparison of Biphasic and Monophasic Pulsed Field Ablation in an Animal Model, AFS2019-26, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiolog. 2019;1-28 (abstr)

Kuroki K, Koruth J, Iwasawa J, Buck E, Viswanathan R, Brose R, Dukkipati S, Whang W, Choudry S, Miller M, Sofi A, Langan M-N, Gomes A, Neuzil P, Reddy V,

Pulmonary Vein Isolation with Biphasic Pulsed Field Ablation: A Pre-Clinical Comparison with Irrigated Radiofrequency Ablation, AFS-2019-14, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiolog. 2019;1-28 (abstr)

Takigawa M, Vlachos K, Viswanathan R, Fowler R, Long G, Brose R, Schneider C, Duchateau J, Klotz N, Pambrun N, Denis A, Derval N, Cochet H, Sacher F, Hocini M, Haissaguerre M, Jais P,

Acute Results of Superior Vena Cava and Pulmonary Vein Isolation Using Pulsed Electric Field Ablation in a Swine Model, B-PO02-004, Heart Rhythm; 15(5), S178-179 (abstr)

Vlachos K, Takigawa M, Bourier F, Schneider C, Brose R, Long G, Fowler R, Viswanathan R, Denis A, Derval N, Sacher F, Hocini M, Haissaguerre M, Jais P,

Safety of Pulmonary Vein and SVC Ablation Using Pulsed Electric Field Energy, B-PO03-114, Heart Rhythm; 15(5), S330-331 (abstr)

Iwasawa J, Koruth J, Kuroki K, Viswanathan R, Fowler B, Brose R, Schneider C, Dukkipati S, Reddy V,

Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Seconds: Pre-clinical Feasibility and Safety Using Pulsed Electric Field Energy in a Porcine Model, B-PO02-023, Heart Rhythm; 15(5), S187 (abstr)

Mickelsen S, Lumpp W, Chaudhary A, Sigurdsson G, Martins J,

A catheter-based epicardial pulmonary vein isolation procedure: the Iowa approach, PO01-134, Heart Rhythm; 13(5), S98-S147 (abstr)

Mickelsen S, McElderry H, Sauter E, Krothapalli S, Lumpp W, Viswanathan R,

Preclinical safety of novel catheter-based system for intra-pericardial circumnavigation of the left atrium: first steps of the Iowa approach, PO03-142, Heart Rhythm; 13(5), S251-S339 (abstr)

Kusa S, Koruth J, Enomoto Y, et al.

Posterior left atrial ablation by epicardial electroporation in a porcine model, PO03-143, Heart Rhythm; 13(5), S251–S339 (abstr)

McElderry H, Walcott G, Viswanathan R, Long G, Sauter E, Mickelsen S,

Safety of pulsed electric field ablation in direct application to the porcine esophagus, AFS-2018-7, J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. 2018;29:657–678. (abstr)

McElderry H, Walcott G, Koruth J, Viswanathan R, Long G, Sauter E, Mickelsen S,

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Mickelsen S, Long G, Allamargot C, Gibson-Corley K, Lumpp W, Chaudhary A, Martins J,

Feasibility of synchronized ultra-short impulse high-voltage direct current technique in left atrial epicardial catheter-based ablation: pericardial atrial fibrillation ablation. PO05-104, Heart Rhythm; 11(5), S451-492 (abstr)

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